About Us

Choice Graphics is a local print, promotional and design firm serving our community for the past 25 years. We take great pride in our craft – it shows in everything we do. It begins the moment you walk in the door. And at every step along its way to completion, your project is infused with care, attention and professionalism. We are your partners, and partners look out for each other.

You’ll discover a different approach here. We understand a few things which foster that difference. First, there is a good chance that you care about your company or your organization. Secondly, you want to grow and succeed. And finally, selecting the right vendor can make you more successful – or stand in your way. This is called Partnership – and it can be an incredible asset. Here at Choice Graphics, we get it!

Our Story

Choice Graphics was created in 1995, when Keith and Christina Harris bought The Printing Company in Ipswich, MA. Becoming business owners was an exciting new step for the couple, who had been married for just a few short years. Keith led a small staff at the printing shop while Christina continued her career in human resources in the tech industry. However, in 2001, Christina left her career behind and joined Choice Graphics full time. Since then, the team has never looked back.

Keith and Christina’s approach to business is built around partnership, integrity and service. This philosophy is reflected in their original Choice Graphics corporate tagline: Choose more than a printer…Choose a partner. It worked then, and it still works today. Keith and Christina believed that this approach would lead to a very different experience for their customers. They were on to something — a great number of their early customers still choose to work with Choice Graphics today!

Much has changed since those early years. Gone are the old Ryobi presses, darkroom cameras and films. No more PowerMacs, Pagemaker or WordPerfect. Along came direct-to-plate, PDAs, the World Wide Web, the iPhone, digital photography and Amazon. These technologies profoundly changed the way printed communication is generated and consumed, and have forever altered customers’ expectations and modes of consumption.

Against this backdrop of constant evolution, Keith and Christina have worked hard to keep pace with changes: upgrading equipment and technologies, adding new services, even buying out two competitors along the way. The one thing that hasn’t changed is their commitment to a partnership with their clients — a focus not on the sale, but on the quality of the outcome.

As Choice Graphics celebrates a quarter century of service to our North Shore community, Keith and Christina continue to leverage their experience, innovation and successes to help our customers realize their vision. Your success is the reason for Choice Graphics’ continued mission — to be more than a printer. We’re your partner.    

Our Services

Team members Cheyenne and Jenny welcome the new Fuji wide-format printer!